So the first episode of The Long Road Podcast is now live!  We recorded the first episode on Sunday and it officially went live in the wee hours on Monday morning. At the writing of this post, we were up to 66 plays on Soundcloud and 13 plays on YouTube!  It’s been pretty exciting so far!
The key to expanding our fan base comes down to 3 words, Shameless Self Promotion.  We’ve been pounding out posts on the big three social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ve created Instagram and twitter accounts for the show, and created a facebook page to help promote the site as well as promoting through our personal social media accounts.
This whole experience is also my first foray into paid content.  We’ve been experimenting with promoted Facebook posts. We are also planning to push some paid Twitter content once our account is able to, which is something I’ve never played with before, so I’m excited to see how it turns out.
The big thing that I love the most about the experience is looking at the numbers! One of my favorite jobs while working at Macon Bank was looking at numbers and creating marketing strategy based on those numbers.  While I could use these techniques on my own social media and web presence, I think it would take the fun out of it.  I just can’t wait to get more data so we can really get this thing cranking!
If you’ve not checked out our podcast yet, you can find it on SoundCloud here or YouTube here! We are on Twitter here, Facebook here, and Instagram here! Let us know what you think! Got ideas? Shoot us a message! Criticisms? Post them on our Facebook!
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