Where have I been, and what new?

Whoa man it’s been a while. It’s been an interesting journey since the last time I checked in, so let me fill you in!

Shortly after I started this page, I took a job that didn’t give me the time to keep this thing up to date. I worked as a medic for a long distance medical transport company. It was a blast! I could see places I’ve never been, meet interesting people, and don’t even get me started on the food! I saw the sunrise dispel the fog over the hills of Iowa. I got to see the Maine countryside in the height of leaf season. I fell in love with the Allegheny mountains of Pennsylvania. I saw the New York City skyline at 4am. My heart soared as I saw the American country side one mile at a time.

During this time, I learned a few lessons and reinforced many more. Everyone I met had a story to tell. some were beautiful, some were full of pain, some were the definition of triumph, but they were all colorful. I loved that not only were these people willing to share their stories with me, but for many it was cathartic. I doubt any of them will find this, but if they do, I remember each of your stories, and I will carry them with me forever.

I learned that I was meant to wander. If not for the overbearing stress of that job, I’d still be doing it now. I need to roam, but on my own terms. After talking to my The Long Road co-host Logan, my experiences on the road transformed our show. We transitioned from a podcast to web show, and our ultimate goal is to be able to build a couple overlanding rigs and explore, living on the road and see what makes this country great, its scenery and its people.

I also learned that Pilot station showers are pretty awesome when you’ve been on the road non-stop for a few days. I also learned that Pilot Station tornadoes are some great meals when time is a rarity. Also, Pilot stations are just great in general. Seriously, that job made me a huge fan.

Once I took that job, I stepped down as Fire Chief of Shooting Creek VFD. Being gone for weeks at a time, I wasn’t doing the department any favors. It’s important to recognize when you have become more of a hindrance to an organization than a help, and when you are, to put your ego aside.

I hope to write more here. I’ve had this nervous energy the past few weeks that I couldn’t seem to shake, and I realized it was from a need to create, to write. Since being home, I’ve doubled down on my efforts to get a job in the PR field, so hopefully I’ll be telling you about that journey as I move forward. Before I finish up, I want to leave you with some advice a new guy on my fire department gave me. Some backstory, his whole family are educators and his dad is a football coach. “If you’re not moving forward, even a little bit, your moving backwards because the world is moving without you.” The world has moved without me for far too long. Its time I start moving too.


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